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Monglis poisoned to death in Kheri district Uttar Pradesh.......!!

The Aniamal massacre at keshwapur-kalan, dhaurahara subdivision of kheri district uttar pradesh India..........!!!

"The Asian Age-

jackals died due to high toxic poison given by a villager who is the owner of jaggery unit owner. Basically jackals do not harmful for human They came here for feed upon waste byproduct of jaggery but the man who has the sinister evil gave poison intentionally to the innocent Jackals they died in and around jaggery unit (small sugar plant). when villagers found jackals dead bodies in their sugar-wheat field in every morning.........the incident exposed and forest department An FIR has been lodged against a jaggery unit owner,who is now absconding. Another bad incident took place here when the scavengers like dogs,kites, egyptian vulture, and house crow feed upon the poisonous flesh of Jackals they died too. The destruction of our Canis aureus indicus species and avian fauna in my district by the sinister who wear a skin of man..................!!! We have lost dozens of mongli here.......without any issue...............!!

Nearly 16 jackals have been found dead over the past two days in the
forests of Dharaura in Keshavpur Kala village of Lakhimpur Kheri district.
The jackals appeared to have been poisoned to death.
"It appears to be a case of poisoning. The jackals have consumed a byproduct
of jaggery, which contains traces of poison due to the presence
of a chemical called Dicolite which is used for purifying jaggery and can
be fatal if taken beyond a specified dose," said Mr K.K. Singh, a forest
official in the area.
Jackals in the area are usually seen feeding on the waste material that
comes from the jaggery mills in the area. "Though jackals are carnivores,
they feed on waste material when they do not get prey. It is possible
that they may have consumed some poisonous material," said Mr Singh.
Meanwhile, the carcasses have been sent for post-mortem and the
viscera are being sent to the Indian Veterinary Research Institute in
Bareilly and to a chemical laboratory in Pune for examination.
Local sources, however, do not rule out the possibility of the jackals
being deliberately poisoned to death by the local farmers. Jackals are
known to destroy the sugarcane and mustard crops in the region and the
damage is often extensive.
The state government, however, has taken a serious view of the jackal
deaths and minister of state for forests Fateh Bahadur Singh has directed
forest officials to find the culprits and put them behind bars.
The state government has also constituted a high-level committee to
probe the incident.
An FIR has been lodged against a jaggery unit owner, Santosh Kumar,
who is now absconding.
The Asian Age"

Krishna kumar Mishra

Tiger death in road accident in Baharaich district UP India

On December 4, 2007 a tiger was wounded on the road, probably hit by some heavy vehicle in village Nauniha in Kateraniaghat, Motipur range of wildlife division of Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh. The villegers informed the wildlife authorities who reported very late and left the spot without any remedy under the excuse that they do not have tranquilizing expert with them and cannot touch the big cat, which was so badly hurt that it could not move even. The majestic cat was lying on the road groaning and weeping surrounded by a score of villagers. The tiger tried to hide himself from the crowd but in vain. The tranquilizer expert reached but could not do anything, even the first Aid, even after 30 hours of the incident.

Later on the tiger’s hind leg was tied in a rope and was dragged on the road to cage him but which gave a show to the present crowd under the guise of treatment. The illiterate crowd teased and mocked at the tiger which was groaning and bleeding. Later on the big cat was sent to Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) Bareilly. While on the way to IVRI Bareilly it was made known to the escorting party that the big cat was to be sent to Lucknow not Bareily. However when the Big cat reached Lucknow after 40 hours of the reported incident, it was reported to be brought dead.
In the fitness of the circumstances I have to submit as under-
That a wildlife veterinary doctor be posted at Dudhwa Tiger Reserve Lakhimpur Kheri.
That a Rescue centre for wildlife animals be established at Dudhwa Tiger Reserve for orphaned and injured wildlife animals
That one research officer be posted at Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, Kheri to Aid, advise and inform the updates to wildlife to the wildlife officials.
That disaster management cell (with equipments) be established at Dudhwa Tiger Reserve.
That an enquiry be instituted in the afore-mentioned ‘death’ of the majestic animal at the hands of wildlife officials of the range (area), Baharaich district, Uttar Pradesh.