Sunday, January 10, 2010

All I have to say, is... Warp speed on your final mission

Our Hero Kunwar Billy Arjan Singh is no more!

Billy Arjan Singh (15 August 1917-01 January 2010)
Dear Friends,
With great sorrow we learned of the demise of the revolutionary conservationist Billy Arjan Singh. A life totally dedicated to the greatest aspiration of the human race: the building of a better environmental world. His admirable life left behind a wealth of experience, knowledge and inspiration for the new generations so that they can carry on the fight for the tiger future of the whole world. It only remains for me to express my deepest admiration for this exemplary revolutionary. We salute his memory and his work for kheri's Jungles.
I and the people of my district want that dudhwa tiger reserve should be renamed as Billy Arjan Singh Tiger reserve, in memory of our great hero.
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Krishna Kumar Mishra
Wildlife Biologist & Nature Photographer