Friday, January 26, 2007

The Flesh of wild animal in kishanpur wildlife sanctuary

Rotting Flesh of wild animal in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

We received a tip off from some informer that a tiger had been killed and buried in kishanpur sanctuary. To verify the information, On Sunday last 7th of Jan. 2007 I and the ETV Reporter of kheri district Prasant Pandey in due communication with the Dudhwa Deputy Director P P Singh, Farmer Field Director G C Mishra, and eminent wild lifer Padam Bhusan Billy Arjan Singh arrived at the Jhadi Tal in Kishanpur Sanctuary. Where we received decomposed flesh pieces of some animal buried under the sand on information by informer. As no bones, skin, jaws or other parts were found at the spot, the recovery of flesh indicated killing of a tiger. I captured the shots of flesh pieces in my camera and returned, informing the Deputy Director P P Singh about the matter.

Later, I along with my friend Prasant Pandey accompanied with Field Director M P Singh, Deputy Director P P Singh, Range Officer D V Singh, Who recovered the flesh pieces, As the killing of a tiger inside a Tiger reserve and its exposed by outsider like us wrest against the inherent of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve authorities,

Kishanpur Sanctuary, a part of Dudhwa Tiger reserve, populates 33 tigers owing to its …enriched……..flora & fauna. The Jhadi Tal, locate in the heart of kishanpur sanctuary, earns a world repute of its healthy Swamp Deer population, The ideal balance between the predators, the tiger & the prey, the swamp deer, boars…….. etc, presents a very ideal picture of kishanpur sanctuary it self.

How ever the recent case of poaching inside kishanpur sanctuary has come as a serious threat to the project tiger as also exposed the half-hearted efforts of the park administration to preserve and protect the wild species.

Krishna Kumar Mishra

Wildlife biologist & Nature Photographer

77, Canal Rd. Shiv Colony lakhimpur Kheri-262701

Uttar Pradesh, India

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