Friday, October 19, 2007

Demoiselle crane in Bhira town of Kheri district India

Observations & Photography of the beautiful birds from 9th October to till now (19th October 2007).


IndianWildlifeClub said...

The pictures of demoiselle cranes are beautiful. Look forward to seeing more bird photos ( and other nature photos ) from you.

Ashish Nimsarkar said...

very nice pictures.I will surely visit this place.

मिर्ज़ा तनवीर बेग said...

Dear Mr. sharma it's really nice to know that you are a nature lover.Your work is really good. It's a reallity that the creator GOD only has full knowledge of all his creation.Even with todays Hi technology we know little only and on every new finding we are surprized because our knowledge is limited but his knowledge is unlimited. Keep it up.