Friday, February 08, 2008

Another Tiger died in road accident in kheri district

On February 8, 2008 I got an information about tiger death in murahana compartment of mailani range, Kheri district Uttar Pradesh India, I reached there with my friends and observed the situation, I found that the death cause of tiger may be road accident on Assam Road but I am not sure ...........!! The dead body of the tiger lied beside the road and it was the full grown male tiger, I never seen this type of beautiful heavy body tiger in my life before it. Now forest officials of south kheri forest department has been sent the body of tiger to the IVRI Bareilly for post mortem. There is no any official of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve and other responsible person of district administration because all civil officers have the power of assistant wildlife warden and it is their constitutional responsibility as a Indian national. We have lost our another national animal in road accident but do not any proposal or rules for speed control in and around the protected areas and reserve forests where our big cats and other wild animals still survive. High speed traffic is the violation of wildlife Act 1972 but no body think about it............!!

Krishna Kumar Mishra


Marie said...

as soon as u have authopsy results,please publish!!

your image shows more than words can sad..

Roopa said...

Yah I read about it in the papers and was shocked. I have been to Duhdwa recently. Buses and trucks routinely pass through the reserve forest area.
It was really a big animal.
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Roopa said...

Dear Krishna,
YOur posts are beautiful You can share them with
Besides , there is a Naturalists' Training Program conducted by the Taj group of Lodges in different parts of India. You could join it looking at your first hand experience with wildlife.
THey need trained naturalists to guide foreign tourists visiting Indian jungles.

Roopa said...

DId you hear of humandeaths caused by a tiger in the papers today?
Check out on the TOI of 11.4.08.Please I am already missing the tiger as it is sure to be done with. THey will kill it in vengeance.

Roopa said...

I wrote last on 11/4. THe same
news is reprinted in today's TImes of India,15/4.What is the hype they are building up for ? Are they justifying some decision of theirs ? THis conjecture is very shameful:

"Some wildlife experts believe all five killings have been made by the same animal, which could be a tiger or a leopard."

workhard said...

That is such a beautiful, majestic animal, and above all our national symbol. If they are not taken care of appropriately, they will become extinct,

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